The minimum loveable, but maximum transformational product.

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Transformation is hard.

It’s not easy for most people to change, change the way they work, think, approach problems. It’s stressful.

“We enable digital” wouldn’t be a slogan if it was easy. It’s not.

Digital transformation changes whole industries, changes all parts of our life and if we want to do it right we should change with it and not be changed by it. That is an endeavor of a different quality than usual product development.

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So why do people focus on viable products?

Most people only ask “how?”. But this is not the important question. You can solve the how. The really important question is “what?” and ultimately “why?” Figure out what the people need and why they need it by showing them something they can relate to, something where they can tell you if they love it or not.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Ok, and what now?

Well, you could start with these three steps:



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