Part 1.1. Validation

Whenever we talked with our clients about the various transformation models, we felt like something was missing. Mostly we thought those models had a too narrow perspective on the matter. That is why we developed our own re:think Digital Transformation Model and now start to write about it in this series of articles. Also, we think our model is the most comprehensive one out there. That might be a bold claim, and let’s be honest, you can claim anything anytime but that is not how we want to work. We want to make sure our work is based on research…

Part 1, introduction

Innovation is the driver of all growth. Most Digital Transformation endeavors aim to improve the innovation capabilities of a company or project. More often than not such endeavors fail to realize that Digital Transformation alone is not enough. Your Digital Transformation might actually be three transformations! But what does that actually mean? And what are the key milestones and drivers? It’s time for a comprehensive Model of Digital Transformation (and a new series of articles from re:think).

We want to give an overview of all areas of digital transformation and some follow ups with best practice tools and ideas. …

The minimum viable product is not a new idea, but it’s not gone either. In many cases it should go. It’s simply not good enough — at least when it matters. Of course, if you develop a new consumer product that is not really important to the lives of people, go ahead and introduce a MVP, fail early, fail often and all that. But today, the real challenges we face are challenges of transformation. If you want to transform something, you need to involve the people, you need to motivate them, you need to empower them.

Photo by SOULSANA on Unsplash

Transformation is hard.

It’s not easy for…

Cybersecurity tips for working remotely

Laptop on a private table with flowers in a vase
Laptop on a private table with flowers in a vase
Photo by Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash

by Irina Nork, Head of Cybersecurity & Defense at re:think Innovations

Many of us are already used to work remotely, be it from home, from hotels or in co-working offices. Some on a daily basis, some only partly.

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced many more people as usually to work from home because companies were forced to close, businesses and offices had to shut down and almost everybody is supposed to stay home. Often this happened overnight with little time to prepare, or setup all these homeoffices with careful planning and security instructions. …

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